OP Youth Commission Member Form

Who can be a member?  Olmos Park residents ages 11-18 years (5th-12th grade) living in Olmos Park and Olmos Park adjacent.

What if a member moves away/out of the approved membership area?  The member can continue their membership through the end of their service year.

What is a membership year? June 1 through May 31 (although we host our annual membership drive in September/October each year)

What is the membership cost to join? $30

What does the membership fee pay for?  Member shirt to wear during meetings/volunteer service. Mailings and commication, marketing materials, etc.

Are you a tax-exempt organization? We are registered as a nonprofit with the state of Texas and have secured federal tax exempt status 501c3 designation.

Where are meetings being held? In either a neighbor’s home or city hall or on the lawn at Alameda Circle

How often do you meet?  We will generally meet three times a year in January, September and May.  However, those coordinating an activity/initiative will meet with their committees separately for planning purposes.

What is your goal this year for programs/activities?  We will be hosting community service activities fairly regularly (once a month), and at least one (maybe more) activity each for leadership, community building and enterprise per quarter.

How are programs or activities determined?  A member will communicate their idea for an activity for youth board/chairs (leadership, service, community building and enterprise) to review.  The youth member’s idea should have a sense of the following: goal of the activity, activity concept (suggestions for how ideas could be implemented?), suggested date, time frame and place.  The submitting member can select a co-chair and at least two committee members. They will also explain how they would like to promote the activity, although OPYC has various channels to promote a concept. The organization’s philosophy is that people work better in partnerships and youth will be able to expand their skills for conceiving and implementing their ideas with this approach.

How will you generate awareness for OPYC activities?  We will promote through website, email and social media.  We will also send updates to Olmos Park Living Magazine and 78209 Magazine. We will also begin mailing updates to Olmos Park residents.

Is this a faith-based or political organization? No, we are a non-denominational organization and we do not support any political affiliation.  However, we may host activities regarding voting, elections and may hear from those who have worked in some capacity for candidates, those in public office or who have served in office.  We will also visit regularly with Olmos Park mayor and city council.