Thank You for Your Support of Olmos Park City, Fire, Police Working Christmas

Hi Olmos Park Youth Commission members!  

Thank you for taking the time out of your demanding school and after-school schedules to distribute fliers to Olmos Park neighbors to help raise funds for Christmas Dinner for Olmos Park City, Fire and Police serving us during the Christmas holiday!  

These fliers promoted the collection of donations to provide Christmas dinner to Olmos Park Police and Fire Dept. staffs who were on duty over Christmas.      Donations helped fund H-E-B gift cards that were given to all Olmos Park city employees.       

The initiative raised $9,355 in donations ( a more than 125% increase over funds raised last year) that were turned into gift cards. A percentage of funds raised were given to Cambridge School from H-E-B in support of education since the school helped facilitate the H-E-B gift card purchase! Wow! 

SPECIAL THANKS to the team that coordinated this Christmas dinner and gift card donation effort – Jennifer Parascand, Jean Bright, Pat Meier, Melissa Phillips, and Peggy Belasco.  They have been doing this for many years.

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