Volunteer Today! Help Olmos Park Residents Learn About New Recycling Pilot Program!

What? The city of Olmos Park has reached out to Olmos Park Youth Commission to help spread the word to Olmos Park residents about how to recycle correctly. The city is launching a two-month pilot program and this flyer explains what can and cannot be recycled.
Where? You can help by signing up for one or more Olmos Park neighborhood streets to hand out flyers.
EARN COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS: For every street you sign up and hand out flyers, you will earn two hours of community service. For the following streets, you will earn three: Mandalay, Olmos Drive, Paseo Encinal, and Thelma.
When?As soon as you are able to pick up flyers and hand them out! Click on this link to sign up for one or more streets.

Pick Up Flyers At: 107 Paseo Encinal
A box on the front porch will contain flyers. Flyers will be sorted by each street. Make sure to only take the flyers marked for your street(s) you signed up.
Sign Up For One or More Streets! Once you have handed out your flyers, you can email OlmosParkYC@gmail.comor text 210-602-2573 and we will cross that street off our list and report it to the City of Olmos Park.
RECYCLING FLYER DETAILS Olmos Park City Council is implementing a two-month pilot recycling program. The program will accept all items listed on the flyer (pictures are provided). This is only a testing phase, so the city can achieve better results in its recycling bins. Residents will benefit from this informative flyer.

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