HELP WANTED! Olmos Park Youth Commission Teens Seek Work Opportunities.

Does your retail establishment or organization need help with a project or two or even more?
The school year is officially coming to an end. Some summer camps are canceling and travel is on hold. Many youth members have more time than ever to work!

Do you need help with any of the following?

social media

online research

updating databases

making calls

summer camp helper

photography for a website or brochure


power washing


lawn mowing


assisting with stocking

loading and unloading



  1. Opportunity: Click on blue rectangle box link below to tell OPYC about your project/tasks, time frames, age requirement and your contact information.
  2. Follow-up: Members of the OPYC “Summer Jobs” task force will contact you to fill in any details.
  3. Final Details: Once your details are finalized, we will email opportunities to OPYC members.
  4. Connecting: Interested youth members will contact you directly!
  5. Questions? Call 210-602-2573 or email OPYC!

It’s that simple!
Along with Service, Leadership and Community Building, Enterprise is one of the four pillars of Olmos Park Youth Commission.

Olmos Park Youth Commission is a 501c3 registered nonprofit. Members are ages 11-18 years old.

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