OPYC Members-Nearly 100 Hours Served During Summer of COVID-19!

Nearly 100 hours! OPYC Summer of Service During COVID-19.   (Image; Lila Kelley and Brittin McBirnie making masks for the elderly and those in need). So proud of OPYC members who helped people in need during this summer of COVID-19! Nearly 100 hours of service and 1500 pounds of food were donated – WOW!   Youth members helped by making and delivering masks, collecting food for SA Food Bank, donating sports equipment benefiting Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio; collected clothing for Serna Elementary students and donated books for SA Reads!   See September issue of Olmos Park Living magazine for the full story. Special thanks to the following members for their leadership:

2nd Annual Book Drive benefiting SA Reads: Chair-Grace Toman

Clothing Drive Benefiting Serna Elementary School: Chair-Jack Henry Bullock

Custom COVID-19 Masks: Chair-Lila Kelley and Co-chairs-Brittin McBirnie and Ava Satel

Food Bank Red-Bin Donations: Chair-MK Lutz

Food Bank Fridays (in May): Chair-Eli Greenberg

Sports Equipment Collection benefiting Boys & Girls Club of San Antonio: Co-Chairs-MK Lutz and William Ogle

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