Olmos Park youth commission spotlight

Since the organization’s launch in 2018, members have gathered with local leaders residing in Olmos Park, attended meetings at city hall, helped philanthropies, participated as mentors, performed good works and beautification projects, and shown appreciation through hosted potlucks for our city staff and public works, police and fire departments, and more.  Members have served nearly 2000 community service hours, with an average of 20 hours served by a member each year.  And in 2021, members served nearly 500 hours of community service with nearly 200 of those hours served in the summer months. There are no meeting or service requirements to join and participate in OPYC.

To learn more about Olmos Park Youth Commission, visit OlmosParkYC.com. To join, scan this QR code or fill out a membership form found on the website.  Get OPYC announcements by texting 210-602-2573 or email OlmosParkYC@gmail.com to get on email distribution list. 

Benefits of membership include:

  • Meet and gather with other neighborhood teens
  • Learn from local business and civic leaders
  • Develop your leadership ability
  • Gain skills by helping Olmos Park businesses
  • Earn service hours
  • Participate in unique activities that help youth and other groups
  • Assist with city beautification projects and celebrations 
  • Interact with city, police & fire depts and public works
  • Pursue your service or activity ideas with OPYC support
  • Do things that matter

Olmos Park Youth Commission is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to engage local youth to gain civic literacy by doing good works, gathering with local leaders and learning about citizenship as a contributing member of their community through activities spotlighting the core values of leadership/citizenship, service, community building and enterprise.