EARN SERVICE HOURS by removing the colorful Fiesta Ribbons that hang from lightpoles throughout our neighborhood now through April 16-17 and returning them so we may store them for use next year.

  • SIGN UP TO REMOVE FIESTA RIBBONS: Please sign up for a street. Ribbons may be dropped off on the porch of the Robelo home 201 Luther Drive. QUESTIONS? 210-602-2573 or 210-744-3784. 
  • NOTE – Sign up includes specific information of location of lamps! Please only do those assigned. Helpful hint:  Bring a friend or parent and definitely bring a sturdy step stool to reach some of the lamp posts.
  • EARN COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS! You can earn one community service hour per street! For the following streets, you can earn two community service hours: Contour, Hermosa, Luther, Mandalay, Olmos Drive, Paseo Encinal.

WHEN TO START & COMPELTE REMOVAL: Today thru April 16-17.

DELIVER RIBBONS to 201 Luther Drive

Thank you for volunteering!