New Members Welcome!


Welcome to Olmos Park Youth Commission! 


Nonprofit’s Membership Drive Now Underway for Olmos Park Residents Ages 11-18 (5th – 12th grades)

OP Youth Commission Member Form

Community Service, Leadership Opportunities and Networking Among Benefits


Young people residing in the city of Olmos Park have a new opportunity to learn about and serve their city.


Olmos Park Youth Commission (OPYC) is a membership-based nondenominational, nonprofit organization bringing together a volunteer corps of youth residents ages 11-18 (5th-12th grades) in pursuit of four areas — community building, community service, leadership and learning about enterprise, where they will be touring local businesses and meeting with leaders from an array of professions.


OPYC officially begins its membership drive this week. Membership form included in this post or next post.


OPYC will also serve as a sponsor of Kids 4 Kids with Cancer’s annual pumpkin carving taking place on Sunday, Oct. 28 beginning at 3 p.m. in Olmos Park on the lawn of Alameda Circle.


Young people ages 11-18 years/5th-12th grades residing in Olmos Park and Olmos Park-adjacent are eligible for membership.


One of OPYC’s goals is to help members take an idea they have (that meets one of the four OPYC pillars mentioned above) and help them shape it, promote and implement it!


By joining OPYC in this, the organization’s inaugural year, young people will have the unique opportunity to be designated as a founding member. The cost of membership is $30/member annually. Contact: 210-602-2573 with interest or questions.


Olmos Park Youth Commission is registered as a nonprofit organization with the state of Texas and has applied for federal tax exemption as a 501(c)(3). The organization was co-founded by four Olmos Park teen residents: Eli Greenberg, Ava Satel, Henry Satel and Sam Spezia-Lindner.



Olmos Park Youth Commission

P.O. Box 12032

San Antonio, Texas 78212



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