OPYC Book Drive!


SAReads® Book Bank was the recipient of nearly 350 books donated through the Olmos Park Youth Commission book drive chaired by OPYC member, Grace Toman. Everyone’s donations helped SA Reads with its mission to eradicate book deserts in San Antonio and supplement classroom libraries by giving free books to students, teachers, schools and nonprofits. And special thanks to the OPYC volunteers that helped strip and sticker the books so that the book bank could have the books organized and used by children throughout San Antonio.

The SAReads book bank is a clearinghouse for collecting, cleaning, sorting and redistributing books to the community located inside the Gulfdale branch of Firstmark Credit Union. Since the book bank began in 2010, SAReads has donated over 300,000 books to teachers for their classroom libraries, children for their home libraries and organizations for the children they serve. It is continually restocking our bookshelves with donated books to fulfill community requests. 
Currently, the SAReads Book Bank serves teachers, nonprofits and schools that are located in Bexar County and need books for classroom libraries. 

Have an idea you want to do? If you have an idea, OPYC can help you plan it and promote it and members can help you with tasks! It just takes you sharing your idea on paper. Click HERE to fill out the form. Take a picture and text to 210-602-2573, email it or mail to the address listed below. We will contact you about getting started! If you cannot download form, please call or text 210-602-2573 and we will email or text it to you!

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