Meeting Olmos Park Mayor and City Manager

OPYC Meets The Mayor

By Sam Spezia-Lindner

The Olmos Park Youth Commission met with city of Olmos Park Mayor Ron Hornberger on Feb. 21 in city council chambers where the group heard about the many aspects involved in city governance. Mayor Hornberger explained the role that he, Olmos Park city manager, Celia DeLeon, city council, police, fire, and city services play in keeping our city safe, clean, and running smoothly. The commission enjoyed the talk Mayor Hornberger gave and the chance to have an up-close view of how the city is run. The commission will meet again March 24 to hear from neighbor and Rackspace executive, Danielle Kieschnick. Visit for details on upcoming events and activities.

Pictured (L-R) Brennan McBirnie, Sam Spezia-Lindner, Olmos Park city manager Celia DeLeon, Mayor Ron Hornberger, Cati Tamez, Brittin McBirnie, Bryce Mazloum, Tommy Labatt, and Ava Greenberg.

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