Know Your Strengths

OPYC Learns about Leadership, Team Building and Enterprise

Rackspace Global Marketing executive and Olmos Park neighbor, Danielle Kieschnick Led Group through role playing and interactive discussions

Members of Olmos Park Youth Commission gathered on March 24 to learn about strategic team building based on a person’s leadership style.  Neighbor and Rackspace global marketing executive, Danielle Kieschnick, hosted the gathering at her home and gave a fun and insightful overview about the unique leadership qualities people can have. 

During her presentation, she asked members to answer a brief survey that helped them discover their personal leadership style. Those gathered at the meeting learned how strategically combining people with different leadership qualities can help a person achieve success.  Kieschnick concluded the meeting with a fun interactive game where members volunteered to participate in a mock lemonade-stand business that spotlighted the leadership qualities needed for each aspect of the business. 

Attendees got a chance to ask Kieschnick questions and some relayed they were interested in a career in technology.  Kieschnick has offered a tour of Rackspace for those OPYC members interested in visiting the cutting-edge company.  Stay tuned to and our Happenings newsletter for upcoming gatherings and events.

Olmos Park Youth Commission is a tax-exempt nonprofit youth organization comprised of members ages 11-18 years (5th-12th grades) who live in the city of Olmos Park or Olmos Park-adjacent.  The organization conducts programming throughout the year focusing on community building, entreprise, leadership, and service. 

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