OPYC Members Plant The Park

(April 13, 2019) — Olmos Park was the setting of a beautification project a year in-the-making. Neighbor John LeFlore forged a partnership with San Antonio Parks and Recreation to punch up the intersections of Contour Drive at Dick Friedrich Drive and Olmos Drive with trees and shrubs, enhancing these Olmos Park entrances into charming and welcoming neighborhood gateways.

Members of Olmos Park Youth Commission along with the Frank Peterson-led Boy Scout troop 809, founded 26 years ago by Olmos park neighbor Jim O’Brien, turned out to help with the planting.  San Antonio Parks and Recreation provided the trees, shrubs, dirt, mulch, tools, gloves and staff as well as gave a guided lesson on how to properly plant a tree. After more than 50 or so trees and shrubs were carefully planted into the ground, San Antonio weather provided the water with a heavy dose of rain and small bits of hail.  The sun followed later to finish the job.

According to LeFlore, the city of San Antonio will maintain the plantings for three years and will host an annual event to assess their progress.  The plantings, which are labeled, include Anaqua, Crape Myrtle, Desert Willow, Dogwood, Eve’s Necklace, Mexican Buckeye, Mexican Olive, Mountain Laurel, Possumhaw Holly, Redbud and Retama.

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